• camper
    ages vs grades

    here's how to choose which camp to pick for 12 year olds

    kids camp - 9 - 11 or 12 years

    youth camp - 12 - 19 years

    • 12 yo going into 7th have a choice to stay in Kids with their 11 yo friends or move up to Youth Camp
    • 12 yo going into 8th grade are in Youth
    • 11 yo - regardless of grade - are in Kids camp


    We always try to do our best to put campers and counselors from the same church together. This becomes increasingly difficult when some campers wait until the last minutes to register.  This year we've made an adjustment, not as a punishment, but in an effort to make sure that we're able to get all things done before camp [sports teams books/registration cards/bands/etc] that can't be done until we get people assigned to a room.  ** Late campers who register after the May 30th deadline are not guarnteed to be placed with your church group/counselor. It is the job of the coordinator/youth leader to ensure special situations are communicated with the camp office. As always, we will do what we can but we are unable to promise anything.

  • Deadlines & Payments

    The deadlines listed for campers is for their registration and the price of their attendance at camp. The cutoff is 11:59p on those dates. 

    AFTER the registration deadline has passed the camp office will confirm all registrants and supply that information to church coordinators. 

    Coordinators will then have 3 days to cut a check for those attendees.  Checks should be postmarked on the check cut date.
    Please do not cut checks before the office has provided you with a list. This will minimize back 'n forth about payments. 

    • May 1  -->  cut check by May 7
    • May 29-->  cut check and mail by June 3
    • any registrants between May 30 & June 8 - bring a blank check to camp
  • Mail Payments to:

    Stop! Did you check your list to make sure you're paying for all registered persons within the current deadline? 

    Checks payable to:  Fusion Bible Camp

    mail to:  Fusion Bible Camp Office

          Stonebridge Church

                1301 E County Road 42

             Burnsville, MN 55306

    *Please DO NOT mail checks AFTER June 3rd - the office won't be guaranteed to receive it before camp. Bring/Send a check to camp with an adult.*

  • Canceled Campers & Registration fees

    Sometimes campers register and then something comes up that doesn't allow them to make it to camp.  

    If the church has already paid for the camper and you have no other campers coming from subsequent deadlines - you will be reimbursed.

    If you have other campers registering at later deadlines - you will need to pay the difference in registration price [an additional $10-30]  - you may not replace a later registrant at the earlier registrants price point.