Camp Forms

registration is open

2019 Registration Deadlines and Base Camp Fees*

~cutoff is 11:59pm on dates listed~

May 1 - $220 (your church may add other fees)

May 29 - $235 (your church may add other fees)

June 7 - $255 (your church may add other fees)

* This does not include any spending money for snacks or t-shirts. 

*Churches may add transportation costs to this and may have different requirements for when payments are due to the coordinator.   Church specific information is included in email confirmations after registration form is submitted.

There is no direct way to pay Fusion Bible Camp. 

You should pay the church that you're attending with and that church will pay Fusion. 

Each church has their own way of accepting payments. Check with church coordinators for details.

    Sign up for Kids camp (4th - 6th grade) or
    Youth camp (7th - 12th grade). 

  • Medication Form

    submissions are encrypted

    if you are sending your camper with ANY medication - prescription or otherwise.

    Medication for allergies, behavioral issues, vitamins, inhalers for asthma, diabetes needs to be documented and turned in IMMEDIATELY upon arrival to camp. (pack it on the top!)

    This is an online liability release form for all paintball players. This MUST be filled out before campers play.  (this is the same form linked on the registration form & on the coordinator's page)

  • Get your camp gear from Squadlocker!
    Purchases will be shipped to the camper's home.  If you wish to save on shipping costs - coordinate with others in your church group. 

  • Want to spend a fun week with the best campers on the planet?  Be a counselor to our kids campers (4-6 grade) or our youth campers (7-12 grade).  You'll be exhausted, but we've got coffee for ya!!

    *non-counseling pastors please use staff form*

  • Approved Staff Members register now! 
             [Security, Worship, Office, Sports]

    We do have openings for the following teams:

    You MUST be approved by the team lead before registering.

    Contact the office for more info

    4 sports peeps - physically demanding, but - you get a whistle

    9 security peeps - you probably get to stand in the road and you get yellow vests. 
    (Waupaca area locals encouraged to participate for short crosswalk shifts!)